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Faisal Kabir
Bitcoin Holder
I really like this website , they are offering good prices of USDT and cryptocurrencies. they have an amzing support , they are all the time avaliable to answers for my questions , even by phone or the lifve chat in the website ; Thank you guys !
Ahmed Abudullahi
Run ahaantii kani waa goob (site) lagu kalsoonan karo waxan kusoo biirey shabakadan mudo dhow sidaas ay tahay ,waxan sameeya  deposit (dhigid) anigoo isticmaalaya akoono kala duwan ,weliba commission ( dallacaad) aad u yar. Hada waxan ka ganacsada ama kushaqeysta si dhib yar ,sidoo kale waxan helaa "perfect money " waqti kasta iyo cadad kasto aan  rabo. Teamka waad mahadsantihin, nasib wacan ayaan idin leeyahay

Frequently Asked Question

Some frequently Asked Questios

When can i order an exchange operation ?
Our website is working 24/24h , you can order any time you want ; and your request will be treated as soon as possible going from 15 minutes to 5 hours ; if  you are order is not approved or , you are  not contacted by an operator in this period you can create a support ticket, live chat with operator  , or contact us directly by phone , we are avalible in social medias Also.

Feel free to contact us anytime , we are here to support our clients !
How much it costs ?
Our company does not t apply any fixed charges for selling or buying currencies , only the rate of exchanging is applied 
in the main page you can see our online rates 
Please be informed , that the amount wich you see during the trasaction  in  the secteion RECEIVE is the same amount which you are  going to receive including all charges.
And the Amount which you see in  the Section SEND  is the Amount which we are going to Receive in our Wallet , our company is not responsable if your wallet applys additional charges , we consider exactly the amount which we receive  
if your wallet applies additional charges we are not responsable about that , because the amount in section SEND is the amount which we are going to receive from you . 
You can always write for our support team and ask futher informations 
What currencies are avalible?
In the main page , in section SEND and RECEIVE, you can find all the currencies and systems avalaible in real time , pleasae be informed that these information are always update .
you can directely chat with our support working 24/24  and 7/7 
Please don't hesitate to call us any time or to write in WhatsAPP

How it works


1. Sign Up to register on our website

2. Fill all the steps using real information False names are not accepted .

3. use a good password which you can remember containing numbers and letters and special  characters

4. write your phone number , it will be better the number related to the service mobile transfer , please use this format +252*******
5. an activation mail will be sent to your address; check your spam inbox.

6. Click on the Activation Link to verify your email.

7. Insert your details and login.

8. Inside your profile , please write your full information

After following these steps you directly start buy and sell crypto currencies , USDT , Perfect Money , Skrill....

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