Wellcome to ABC-Exchange

Using ABC exchange services: Every user using ABC exchange Services for exchanging any form of E-currency or Cryptocurrency, shall carefully read through the policies written regarding each section’s terms and conditions and consent the mentioned terms. Please read them carefully and be sure that you totally agree with terms and conditions before doing any exchange on our website.


  1. ABC-exchange provides its users with the services of exchanging digital currencies or e-currencies between different payment systems.

  2. The services offered by ABCexchange are not intended for use and/or are not available in the countries where they are deemed illegal. The User is fully responsible for complying with the local legislation of each e-currency.

  3. Counterfeit or fraudulent payments are not accepted at ABC-exchange. We reserve the right to report any activity of this type to the appropriate authority.


  1. Except what has been provided in this agreement, Payments on Abc-exchange are final, but refundable if your you open dispute support ticket accepted.


  1. Abc-exchange services are only available for transferring funds from one of the user’s e-currency accounts to another and no third-party payments are accepted. If we find out that a payment is for transferring funds to a third-party account, the payment will be rejected immediately and the full amount of payment will be refunded to the original e-currency account. In this case, the transaction fees relating to this transfer will be deducted from the whole payment.

  2. All users shall be solely responsible to offer valid and accurate information required to complete the registration or to submit the exchange order.

  3.  As ABC-exchange is not authorized to retrieve digital currency payments of other accounts, we strongly advise you to carefully provide the correct account number. In this case, Users shall hold responsible for any mistake made by providing erroneous information by the user.

  4. Opening an ABC-exchange account is free of charge but and only indicated amounts are paid for users. we don't apply hidden fees.

  5. Payment must be made with the exact amount specified in the user's order. If the user remits more or less than the amount stated in the order, we will adjust the user’s order to the exact amount of funds received without prior notification.

  6. If the Customer places a wrong order (the wrong wallet, country restricted, wrong e-mail, non-existent e-currency account or other conditions) to ABCexchange and ABCexchange approves the order, but the order is pending for longer than 3 months, we inform the client that he will be refunded with 5% commission fee once the amount received in your account.

  7. ABC-exchange has the right for regular maintenance of the website and during the period of upgrading the system and technical maintenance, access to the accounts can be restricted or the website can be fully inoperative.

  8. ABCexchange is not responsible for any damage occurring in connection to the technical maintenance operations while all the users will be informed by mail or phone that the website will be under maintenance.